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Welcome to the most popular adoption internet site in the UK. Last month there were over 75,000 visitors to this adoption web site. We will continually strive to provide the most relevant and interesting information on adoption available anywhere on the Internet.

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At any time you can Register Your Interest in applying to become a foster carer or adopter and join the hundreds of people who register with us every month. All you need to do is select the "Register" option from the top of this, or any other page on this web site.

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The New LondonKIDS adoption & fostering web site has been launched.

The New UKKIDS adoption & fostering web site has been launched too.

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   This web site concerns UK adoption by those resident in the UK only. For information on international (intercountry) adoption please visit the direct.gov web site.

Social Workers please visit our services pages if you want to find out just how the agency or department you work for can take advantage of this web site.

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