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Spotlight on Malachi

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Malachi is 5 years old.

Heritage: African Caribbean heritage. Malachi's mother is from the republic of Zaire (formerly known at the Congo), and his father is Black British (Jamaican-Caribbean).

We are seeking to place this child within 60 minutes travel of the borough.


Malachi is a confident sociable boy, who is active and inquisitive. Malachi mixes well with other children; his foster carer states that Malachi can try in his own way to be a bit bossy with other children. Malachi readily engages with adults and enjoys socialising with his foster carers extended family

Malachi needs a stable and loving adoptive family, who can provide him with a stimulating lifestyle in a home where he will feel accepted and part of a permanent family.


Malachi was born six weeks prematurely, but is reaching all age appropriate developmental milestones. Malachi sleeps well at night. Malachi is an able and active toddler whose vocabulary is constantly increasing. Malachi enjoys eating and will taste a wide variety of foods.

What his foster carers say

Malachis foster carer thinks the best thing about looking after Malachi is he is a very easy going and sociable child to care for. He is very loving and this makes the experience of caring for Malachi all the more rewarding.

Why is Malachi being looked after?

Malachi originally became looked after due to concerns around neglect.

Interested in Malachi ?

Contact - Thomas Demaree
Tel: 020 - 8545 - 4678

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