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Every month adoption agencies benefit from being part of our detailed listing service. For the reasons why read on....

"In the last three months we have had 140 enquiries from people considering applying to be a foster carer. Of these 40 came to us through your service and our subscription represents the best recruitment spending I have made. I am chuffed to bits and thought that it was important to tell you so." - Jeanie Lynch, Recruitment Officer, Southampton Social Services. (August5th, 2004.)

If the organisation you work for does not have a detailed listing on this web site they are missing out on the very best opportunity to recruit more foster carers using the Internet. A London Borough's recruitment officer reported that since signing up they now receive more enquiries through the internet than anywhere else. 'Three applicants in our next preparation group came through your service, Thank you'. IAn agency that signed up said six weeks later 'we are very impressed with the level of referrals we receive'.

How can my organisation get noticed?

Get a detailed listing on the web site that comes consistently at the top of search engine listings. On May 3rd, 2006 if you did a search of all UK web sites usine the search term "adoption" our web site came first on Google, Yahoo, MSN (Microsoft), the BBC, Ask Jeeves, UKPlus, AltaVista, and Webfinder. In fact we could not find a search engine where we came any lower than second.

Do you doubt the value of the world wide web?

See examples of why we get so many visitors.

The Adoption and Fostering Information Line is now the most visited web site on adoption and fostering in the UK. Our visitors enjoy the content of the web site and are able to read and gather a lot of very useful information. In one week over 150,000 pages were seen. Many visitors stay for quite substantial amounts of time finding out all about fostering and the organisations they can contact to further their interest. You will find that many of our visitors are just the kind of potential applicants that recruitment workers want to be in contact with.

Please take the time to see how our adoption organisation database works. Just go to our search page and enter a postcode or two. Why not try a search on M1 1AA or ME1 1AA.

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