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Could you adopt Richard?

Adoption of children

We are looking for prospective adopters for Richard. Could you be his new family? Why not find out more?

This web site has six sections. They are:


fostering menu bar

The menu buttons will take you to the different sections of the web site and whichever one you are in will be highlighted in orange.

fostering menu bar

Below the section buttons are displayed links to the next or previous topics in the section you are in. If You move your mouse over the sections of the web site (above) the pages at the beginning of these sections are displayed.

There are also links to some or all the pages in each section on the left just so you can move around the web site with ease.

As there are quite a number of pages in our information section we have next and previous links at the bottom of each page so that you can progress through all of them if you choose to do so.

All comments on how we might improve this web site will be gratefully received.

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