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I am interested what do I do next?

Could you adopt Malachi?

Adoption child or children

We are looking for a new family for Malachi. Could you be his new family? Why not find out more?

If you wish to adopt a baby you should contact your local social services department directly. You should expect to be placed on their waiting list of applicants for quite a lengthy period of time before anything happens. Some agencies do not have a waiting list and will only accept applications for adopters of very young children when the need arises. The period it takes, from your application to the adoption taking place, of a baby varies around the country but is usually greater than three and can be as much as ten years.

If you want to adopt children of a wider age range you can find details of your local social services and / or adoption agency by clicking here.

To start the process of applying to adopt a child other than a baby one of the easiest ways is to contact our FREEPHONE number at the bottom of this page. We will then put you in touch with a social services department or adoption agency who are looking for adoption applicants in your area.

You can also make contact with an agency by registering your interest with us now. If you want to do this please complete our simple form. Select "Register" from the top menu bar.

Alternatively you can find details of an adoption agency or social services / social work department which covers you area in the phone book.

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