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More Legal Information on Adoption

Could you adopt Kai?

Adoption child or children

We are looking for a new family for Kai. Could you be his new family? Why not find out more?

This information is a very brief explanation of some of the legal issues involved in adoption. You should consult a solicitor for fuller explanations of these matters if you require them.

Adoption orders are most usually granted to:

a) Step-parents
b) Adoption by relatives
c) A local authority or adoption agency approved adopter
d) Private foster parents

Consenting to a child being adopted

The parent of the child/ren can give their consent for the child to be adopted. A mother cannot give such an agreement until 6 weeks after the birth of the child.

Consent to the adoption may not be required. If for instance the parents cannot be found or they are believed to be incapable of giving their consent e.g. because of mental illness.

Applying for adoption orders.

A fee is payable and the court requires that birth certificates, applicants marriage or civil partnership certificates, medical reports, consents and other orders and agency reports are provided when the application is lodged.

Adoption Orders

Can be made by the High Court, County Court or Magistrates Court in the district where the child lives. Unless there are "special circumstances" no order can be made without the child attending the court. The courts need not make or refuse to grant an adoption order. It can choose to make a short term order which gives parental responsibility to the applicants to adopt and it can attach conditions to orders.

Adoption Agencies

These are agencies who make all the arrangements that are needed in respect of the adoption of children. They may be local authorities or other agencies. Agencies are required by law or have a duty to provide certain services. For instance counselling adoption applicants, advising them on adoption procedures, carrying out investigations, providing reports, compiling case records etc.

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