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Adoption Allowances

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From the timing of the adoption order the standard national child benefit allowance is payable to adopters. For many of the children featured on the web sites in our Children's section the agencies make adoption allowance payments to help their adopters meet the child's particular needs.

The usual expectation, particularly in relation to the adoption of babies and very young children is that most adopters will be expected to provide for all the child's financial needs. However, Adoption Allowances can be paid under certain circumstances and you should ensure that if you require this kind of assistance to help care for a particular child that this is made clear to the agency.

Please remember that after the adoption order has been made the agency will be severely limited in altering any of the financial arrangements they may have entered into in respect of a child. Financial concerns should therefore be addressed earlier rather than later.

Although quite technical The Adoption Allowance Regulations 1991 covers this area. For this information Click here


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