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Adoption by a Step Parent (cont)

Could you adopt Kai?

Adoption child or children

We are looking for a new family for Kai. Could you be his new family? Why not find out more?

We very much regret that this organisation is not able to offer individual advice to those seeking to adopt step-children. The best we can do is to provide some information on this and the previous page for those who are considering step-parent adoption.

Step by Step

The first thing you should do is to contact your local social services. They are able to provide you with information and will encourage you to consider all the legal options that can be an alternative to an adoption order. If, after considering this advice you wish to proceed you should give them three months notice of your intention to adopt.

You should give this notice in writing stating the child/ren's full names and dates of birth, stating that it is your intention to apply to adopt them. It is best for the letter to be signed by the parent AND their partner.

In England and Wales the next stage is to obtain 3 copies of an application form (A58) from either your local Magistrates Court or County Court.

You can also obtain a PDF file of the A58 form here.

You should fill in the form (3 times) very carefully and fully and remit it with the appropriate fee and additional papers required.

In Scotland you need to prepare a petition and lodge this with the local Sheriff's Court.

The court will ask a social worker to provide a Schedule 2 report which will involve them in interviewing all the adults involved as well as the child or children.

A court date will be set and the court will consider the application. They can then decide if they should make an Adoption Order having fully considered the schedule 2 report.

This entire process usually takes quite some time. Many local social services have significant waiting periods before they can commence the report, and court schedules often add a significant delay.

Other web sites you may care to look at:

The Court Service

You can also obtain the following PDF files from this web site:

Adoption: A Guide for Court Users

Notes on completing form A58

Department of Health - Step Parent / Relative Adoption FAQ



ParentLinePlus offers general parenting advice.

You can also obtain some PDF files from their web site, such as:
Divorce, Separation, and New Families
Being a Step-Dad
Stepfamilies: challenges, myths and rewards
Changing Children's Family Names

This charity also has a help line on 0808 800 2222.

The Good Step-parent's Guide by Ruth Langdon Inglis (This book is now out of print but your local library may have a copy)

Other things you should know

The Government has recently changed our adoption laws. You should check with The Department for Education and Skills for information about any very recent changes. This page was last reveiwed on December 28th, 2005.

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